Silver keys as a modern rattle

To my international customers:

This handmade store mainly sell to the Norwegain market, but we welcome all international customers from around the globe.

We offer international shipping with DHL Express for an additional shipping cost. All expences (customs/toll) is covered within the total price.

If you are not very skilled in Norwegian, I put together a short explanation for you in English:

Babies love keys! Real keys, metal keys, the ones that make that funny noise, feels cold and looks just like the ones their parents keep playing around with. However, real keys are not very baby friendly, and contains several things that a baby should not keep in their hands.
So, I made Yndlingsknippet! Yndling is the Norwegian word for Favorite or Precious, and knippet is the Norwegian word for set. The Favorite Set is the perfect gift for the special occations in the baby’s first year.
With keys in 925 Sterling Silver and a 3-piece start set (knippesett) in 100% cotton (machine wash!), it is practical, pretty and forever lasting. The baby will love it!
Yndlingsknippet is The perfect Christening gift or Welcome to the World gift. The 3-piece start set is available in 11 different colors. You get a keyring in Stainless Steel with a soft «loop», a practical drawstring bag to put the keys in to keep them clean and a matching  strap to prevent the keys from falling out of the trolley or on the floor.  There are 10 different silver keys, each with different design, size and symbolic values. Choose the Key to Security, Courage, Wisdom, Music, Strenght, Love, Patience, Happiness, Friendship or Adventures.
Personalize your gift and give a bunch of happy wishes! Wouldn’t it be nice to give your little favorite The Key to Love, Security and Friendship as a wishful comfort for their future?
The start sets are designed and handmade in a little studio in Larvik, Norway. The silver keys are designed by Ingrid and produced by a small family run company in Rolvsøy, Norway.

Find a currency converter here. Look for Norwegian Krone (NOK).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Yndlingsknippet! Don’t hesitate! I know it might seem complicated, but we can make it happen. The wonderful world of the Internet. I would love to ship my beautiful keys to you!

Designed and made with love in Norway.

It is very important that you know that Yndlingsknippet is a bunch of keys – real keys! It is not a toy.

Dåpsgave med gravering, gutt og jente